July 6, 2022 | live on your screen

On July 6, 2022 Performance Marketing Conference and our 17 speakers showcased the latest trends and most impactful strategies that helped 200 attendees to take their business to the next level.


Why you should attend

Practical Content that Matters

With every session designed with the needs of performance marketers in mind, the conference will showcase the tools and strategies that can bring the best results for your business. Our speakers will provide a fine blend of inspiration, future-gazing, and best practices around Data, Tech, YouTube & Creative. Every one of them will focus on what has proven to work and what has not. Therefore, expect to leave the conference with pages upon pages of tried and tested tactics that you can implement the minute you get back to the office.

Elite Networking

Hundreds of professionals from around SE Europe are expected to join Performance Marketing Conference. And even though we will not get together in the flesh, our interactive online conference platform will ensure that you’ll get the chance to discuss with fellow marketers on all things Google Marketing and connect with attendees from different industries, disciplines, and markets.

Meet the


The conference will welcome on stage 10+ experts from Europe and North America, who will offer actionable insights and practical advice to help performance marketers take their business to the next level.

Panelists & Experts from the Greek Market

Let’s work together

As a must-attend conference for every company and professional who is interested in Performance Marketing and in taking their business to the next level, this event is a great opportunity to promote your services, forge long-lasting connections and generate new leads with marketers from across the region.

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