Automation and Atrtribution Specialist, Google

Mariia Bocheva

Mariia is an Automation and Attribution Specialist helping the world’s largest companies leverage the power of Machine Learning. Her previous experience is in sales, marketing and product management; from these she has gained a handful of different perspectives. Finding solutions that work, simplifying routine and giving people time for more creative tasks is what drives Mariia.

The Keynote

“Attribution: Theory and Practice”

Attribution has been top-of-mind for advertisers during the last few years. And while we all agree that a Last Click model simply doesn’t deliver on the promise, why is it still the most used model? Trusting Machine Learning has been hard for many organizations, especially those without exabytes of data.

Mariia will provide an attribution refresher and then reveal how Machine Learning algorithms can help you grow your business with proven multi-touch attribution. All it takes is a willingness to take on a new technology and some traditional change management.