Digital Marketing Manager, Wizard

Stavroula Kogka

Stavroula has worked as a digital media planner for big FMCG brands but her enthusiasm for data analysis and e-commerce led to her specialization in performance marketing. Nowadays, PPC & SEO campaigns, as well as web analytics, occupy most of her day. She is always trying to be one step ahead by adopting every new feature in the digital environment. Her goal is not only to manage campaigns, but also to act as a business consultant for her clients.

The Keynote

“How offline conversion tracking leads to effective optimization & business growth“

Sometimes, an ad doesn’t lead directly to an online sale, but instead starts a customer down a path that ultimately leads to a sale in the offline world, such as at your office or over the phone. By importing offline conversions in Google Ads, we can measure what happens in the offline world after an ad results in a click or call to your business. Our case study is about our client modulus, a telco company, for whom we tested for the first time offline conversion tracking in lead generation campaigns.