Sara Rubio Fernandez
YouTube across the purchase journey

Sara Rubio Fernandez

Global Account Executive, Google

Sara Rubio Fernández is a Global Account Executive at Google. She is also a member of the Industry Experts Committee responsible for the development of new tools and narratives at Google related to video effectiveness and efficiency. Her focus area has been on how technology and data can enable relevant connections that ultimately drive strong ROI results.

Sara consults and collaborates with Global company leaders worldwide to provide technology and platform solutions to help grow their business in a dynamic consumer landscape. For over 9 years now, Sara has worked across other industries at Google including HPC, Retail, Finance and the Media Agency business across different locations such as Madrid, New York, London and Dublin.

She joined Google from the media agency industry and prior to that she worked a Cosmopolitan TV. Sara earned a Bachelor's degree of Public Relations and Advertising from University Complutense of Madrid and a Postgraduate Programme in Digital Marketing and Interactive Advertising.

Outside of her core, Sara has been focused on mentoring Startups as part of different accelerator programmes.

Presentation Title

"Video for every Business Goal: YouTube across the purchase journey"

Your customers are on YouTube at all different stages of their buying cycle. There's no longer a lineal path from the product discovery to action so, more than ever before, it's important to place your brand at every stage of this journey. Over the past years, YouTube has evolved from a singular entertainment destination to a prominent knowledge hub. Join us to discover the best strategies from the planning phase to the measurement stage and come prepared to get inspired.